Do you have a tree or tree stump on your property that you want to get rid of? Then you need tree stump removal or stump grinding! These are two different techniques but they both aim to eliminate the unsightly tree stumps from your property so they don’t cause problems later on.

So, which of these two courses of action do you need to take? Here’s a brief overview of their differences so you’ll be better informed of which option to choose; stump grinding or stump removal.

What is stump grinding?

Tree stump grinding is different from tree stump removal. It is a process that uses a machine fitted with hydraulic cylinders that can cut the stump at high speed until it’s around six inches below the ground. As the machine grinds the stump, it also produces wood chips that can be used as mulch for your landscaping. Stump grinding uses a smaller piece of equipment compared to the one used in removing the stump, which means it will leave minimal disturbance in your landscape.

What are the benefits of stump grinding?

Stump grinding offers several benefits. It’s highly recommended by stump removal companies if you need to get rid of an unsightly tree stump after a tree has fallen, died, or been cut.

Improve Aesthetics and Increase Space

A tree stump is an eyesore especially if you prefer a clean lawn and neat landscaping. With stump grinding near you, you’ll get rid of the unsightly tree stump and improve the visual aesthetics of your yard.

If you have a smaller yard, every inch of space is important. With stump grinding, you can get rid of the tree stump that’s eating up significant space in your yard. Once it has been removed, you can make the most of your yard, without having to worry about a tree stump. However, the roots will still be there unless you get a stump removal service near you in Northern UT.

Avoid Pests and Unwanted Growth

A tree stump may cause new trees to grow. To avoid this from happening, you need to get stump grinding services done as soon as you can. Not only that, this specialized service can prevent pests, such as termites and ants, from making the tree stump their home.

Enhance Safety and Convenience

Getting rid of the tree stump means that you don’t have to worry when mowing your lawn. You won’t have to maneuver your lawn mower so you don’t hit the stump and damage your equipment. Tree stumps can be a trip hazard. Eliminating them means you, your family members, and your guests are safe.

What Is A Tree Stump Removal?

Meanwhile, tree stump removal services near you are labor-intensive and more expensive than stump grinding. It involves a more grueling process compared to stump grinding. It requires digging around the tree stump and its roots to loosen and take out the tree. Once that’s done, the stump will be chained to a backhoe or an excavator, which will be used to pull out the stump from the ground.

What are the benefits of stump removal?

Boost Property Value

Stump removal can keep and even boost your property value. Leaving a tree stump on the ground will make your land look unkempt, which would reduce its value if you’re planning to sell it.

Keep Your Property Safe

Tree stumps can be a safety hazard in your yard. Stump removal can become an issue if your family and guests stumble or trip over it, which could lead to injuries, especially to little kids.


Prevent Disease and Infestation

Tree stumps can become the nesting place of unwanted guests such as termites and carpenter ants. Once the stump becomes infected, other nearby plants and shrubs may get infested, too. In the worst-case scenario, these pests could invade your home.

Find the best stump removal service to get rid of it for you. It’ll be a painless project as long as you hire a reputable company offering tree stump removal service in Northern UT.

Key Takeaways

Only the experts should remove a tree from your land to avoid potential damage to your property. After cutting down the tree, it’s recommended to remove the tree stump so people don’t trip over it. It will also prevent the stump from becoming a place where insects live and stop new sprouts from growing.

Here are some points to remember when deciding whether to choose stump grinding or stump removal near you.

  1. Stump removal is an intrusive and costly project because it involves digging out all the tree roots.

  2. Stump removal takes a lot of time and larger equipment is required to get the job done properly.

  3. Local stump removal makes sure that there will be no traces left of the tree that’s been cut.

  4. Stump grinding is less intensive and more affordable than stump removal.

  5. Stump grinding leaves tree roots behind, which may lead to new sprouts.

  6. Stump grinding produces mulch that you can use for your landscape.

Still not sure whether to choose stump removal service or stump grinding? Call Arbor Pro now and let us help you make the right choice.