Tree Removal

Arbor Pro offers Ogden tree removal services, alongside tree trimming, pruning, shrub trimming, and stump grinding. Trees are a beautiful addition to any property, and should be regularly maintained. Unfortunately, sometimes trees need to be removed. When trees pose a risk to a property and they cannot be pruned, then it is important to have them removed. We provide services to North Ogden, South Ogden, Huntsville, Roy, and Riverdale.

Why Tree Removal is Important

Tree Removal for Severe Weather

If you’re aware of an upcoming storm, then it is important to have your property assessed beforehand. Are your trees healthy enough to survive a storm? Insurance policies don’t cover damages that trees cause to your garage or fence! Have a tree risk assessment performed today. 

Tree Risk Assessment (dead branches, wilting branches, cracked trunks, etc.)

A tree risk assessment with Arbor Pro can save you from increased homeowners insurance bills. Regularly check your trees for growths around the base of the trunk including fungi and damage to the trunk. When you see those things, be sure to call in the professionals for a second pair of eyes on the issue. While Arbor pro is checking your tree for trunk damage, they will also take a look at the state of the branches. After making an informed judgement on the state of your tree, you can decide whether to move forward with tree pruning or removal.

Removal for Healthy Growth

If you want to extend your investment in landscaping by keeping your trees, shrubs and bushes alive, then occasionally trees need to be removed. Removing trees in certain instances encourages growth and strength in your other trees. If you want to have your trees shaped, pruning is a great time to do so, but it isn’t mandatory. 

Reasons You Might Need Tree Removal

Safety Concerns

If a tree is diseased, dying, or dead, it can pose a serious safety hazard. Falling branches or the entire tree can cause damage to property or even harm people. 

Construction and Development

Trees may need to be removed to make way for new construction, whether it’s a residential home, commercial building, road, or other infrastructure projects.

Tree Health and Disease Control

Some trees may be infected with diseases or pests that can spread to other trees. In such cases, removing the infected tree can help protect the rest of the trees in the area.

Light and Space Issues

Trees can block sunlight needed for other plants or solar panels. They can also take up a lot of space, preventing the growth of other plants or limiting available yard space.

Aesthetic Reasons
Sometimes, a tree may not fit into the landscaping plan of a property. It might be too big, too small, or simply the wrong type of tree for the desired aesthetic. In these cases, removal might be the best option.


Happy Customers

We cannot not say enough good about their professionalism and work! Arbor Pro did a great job removing some trees from our yard and went above and beyond in making sure everything was cleaned up. Already scheduled a few more to come out. If you want a great tree removal experience call them!!

Christine Booth

They were very Professional I cannot say enough good things about them. I had seven trees removed and a couple of stumps removed. They leave no mess behind and are extremely safe and professional. I will Recommend Arbor Pro to anyone who is looking for a good arborist. Thanks again!

Paul Yannacone

We cannot say enough good, positive comments about Arbor Pro. Andrew and Chad, two of the 3 owners, were amazing to work with. They were extremely professional in trimming our trees and cleaning up the absolute mess left by our willow tree after it split and broke off 1/3 of the tree. Their prices are more than fair and they deliver even better quality work than we hoped for. They stand behind their work and we wouldn't hesitate to call them for all of our tree service needs. Thank you Arbor Pro for responding so quickly.

Debbie Bemel

We were so impressed with Arbor Pro. After trying 5 different tree removal businesses, Arbor Pro is the only one who answered the phone. They even offered us a same day estimate! They were able to schedule us within two weeks when others are months out. We had several trees we needed cut down and they tackled the job easily and were finished up in just a few hours. This is a fair and honest company. We highly recommend them and we’ll definitely continue to use them in the future!!

Shawn Jensen


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