As a homeowner it’s not always easy to know when it is best to call the pros or handle a tree trimming or removal on your own. Here are some signs that you need to watch out for to help you identify whether or not your situation needs a professional tree service near you.

Tree experts are trained to assess trees and if left unattended minor issues may spiral into more costly damage down the line, which can be both financially and physically dangerous!

Trees Near Power Lines

Unchecked tree growth near power lines can be extremely hazardous, with the possible risk of sparking a disastrous fire. If you spot leaves, branches, or twigs making contact with electrical wiring, you need to call a professional tree service near you right away!

Individuals who are untrained to trim trees close to power lines can trigger a disaster. There will be fire and safety risks for the individual performing it, their neighbors, and the property where the tree is located.

Keeping our communities safe is a shared responsibility and if you notice trees that may be growing too close to power lines, it’s your civic duty to report the potential danger. Don’t wait until there’s an issue and notify the authorities straight away for prompt resolution. You should not only look out for hazards on your own property but also take note of surrounding properties too!

Visible Decay Needs The Best Tree Service Near You

While visible decay may not seem of immediate concern, it’s actually a sign that the affected tree is in danger. If left unchecked, deterioration from within will cause branches and limbs to drop, posing a serious risk for anyone nearby!

You should call the best tree service near you right away so they can assess the decaying tree. They will determine if it has a chance to survive with proper treatment or if it’s way past saving and should be removed completely.

Weak Branches

After heavy rains or storms, you may find weak branches that eventually split, crack, or even fall. Don’t be tempted to ask someone to help as you go up the ladder to get the branch down, because you may end up getting injured.

In the aftermath of a storm, it’s important to seek professional help quickly. Emergency tree services are ready to swoop in with their expertise and make sure that unruly branches don’t cause any more damage or injury. Don’t risk compromising safety and let professionals handle hazardous situations like these!

Local Tree Service Near You Handles Exposed Tree Roots

An exposed root system can mean that the tree may fall on or near your property. To ensure safety and avoid hazardous uprooting, contact a professional to properly prune the trees within your property.


While it may seem like a rare occurrence, trees can cause serious harm—even death in some cases. To keep you and your family safe, do not attempt to brace the tree yourself or wait for it to fall naturally. Prevention is key!


Tree Branches Close To Your Home

Your tree is making its presence known by tapping against your window pane. In some cases, it could be just one gust away from shattering the glass. It may be tempting to bravely tackle trimming it yourself. However, caution should rule and that means contacting an expert tree service near you instead!


Without proper pruning, tree emergencies can become more extreme and falling branches may create serious safety concerns. Don’t risk it if you have a branch growing close to your home. Always call an experienced professional for removal.


Benefits of Professional Tree Service Near You

When it comes to pruning and removing trees, there’s more at stake than meets the eye. Without the proper knowledge, skillset, protection gear, and expertise in using tools, you may end up being injured while attempting DIY tree trimming or cutting of branches. Therefore for the safe completion of this type of job, hire a professional who not only has the experience but also all the necessary safety equipment to ensure that they stay away from harm.


An expert can be the perfect solution for a busy schedule. With their expertise and knowledge about best practices, you’ll have the job done quickly and with minimal hassle – giving you more time to take care of other important tasks.


Emergencies involving trees can be dangerous, but prompt attention from a professional tree service near you can provide peace of mind and security. Storms often cause major damage to houses, neighborhoods, and property. These experts are equipped with the necessary skills for the efficient removal of debris caused by fallen trees as well as subsequent rehabilitation through pruning methods that eliminate future risks.


Key Takeaways

There are many reasons why you should hire an expert. From decaying trees to branches growing close to power lines, it’s important to call the experts right away.


Tip #1: A professional tree service helps prevent injury, especially for untrained homeowners who may try to do the job themselves without the right knowledge and equipment.


Tip #2: From pruning to tree removal, the process of taking care of trees can be time-consuming. It’s best to leave this job to a professional so you can focus on other pressing matters.


Tip #3: An expert tree service knows how to keep trees healthy and deal with insects and diseases.


Now that you have a good idea of what tree services can offer, don’t hesitate to give Arbor Pro a call. Our team is always ready to deal with any tree problem.